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Check out these important FAQs for garage door repair. This is the place to raise your queries.

What garage door material is the best for high humidity areas?

Definitely aluminum garage doors because they are highly resistant to elements and do not corrode. These are both great advantages and if you combine them with the fact that aluminum overhead doors do not require too much garage door maintenance, they make the ideal choice. If you can afford glass doors, they are also resistant to elements but people rarely choose them due to their high price.

Which garage doors will protect better from intense weather phenomena?

If we are talking about locations frequently struck by hurricanes, you would need to choose metal garage doors. Glass doors are inappropriate for weird weather conditions and wooden ones are too sensitive for heavy rains, storms and tornados. You just need to remember that garage door maintenance is needed more often in such locations because the stability of the door would determine the stability of the entire house.

What do I need to measure my door?

Before measuring your door, you will need a note pad, a pen, and a 25-feet metal tape measure. When taking measurements, you should find the closest fraction of an inch. While measuring your door, you should take in account the opening width and height, side and headroom, plus depth into room.

How do I keep my garage door clicker safe?

It is best if you carry it on a keychain with you at all times when you are not at home. You should never leave it in the car as this may give car thieves direct access to your house. The device should not be exposed to moisture or extreme. You must not leave it in the sun.

What is the best way to lubricate my garage door parts?

Noise from the garage door can be annoying. Lubricating the parts is necessary, but should be done with the right lubrication. Experts at Garage door city repair Ontario advice using silicone or lithium spray on the metal components of the garage door like rollers, hinges and chains for a smooth and noiseless operation. Too much of the standard WD-40 lubricant used for a long term can cause the door to be slippery.

Do we have to replace both cables if one is broken?

Garage door cables don't have to be replaced together. In fact, it's unlikely to deal with two broken cables. The only thing you must pay attention to is the balance of the door. Once the broken cable is replaced, just make sure the other one hasn't come off the drum and also that the overhead door is balanced.

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