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How to Choose a Garage Door

12/20/2016 Back To Blog

A good garage door is one of the many significant details when doing up your house. If you have not purchased a garage door before, here are some easy tips to consider.How to Choose a Garage Door

Style, Look & Design

Garage doors nowadays come in many different designs, insulation, colors and sizes. Steel garage doors are the most traditional kinds and are very affordable as you can get them anywhere. It usually features raised or recessed panels that are short or long. Some even come with window options that add an interesting feature to any home. Colors are also important to a garage door, and usually, these can be custom painted to match your windows and shutters. 

You Want Insulation

Look for the R-Value as it gives you the thermal property of insulation. The higher value reduces noises and operates the door quietly. All insulated doors are produced using polystyrene or polyurethane foam. Opt for polyurethane doors because although they are thinner, they have better insulation capabilities and a higher R-Value. Not only does this make the garage door more insulated, but it also makes it even stronger and decreases external noise. 

Durability Material is Key

You want your garage doors to last and take the hard work that it’s made to do. You also don’t want to spend unnecessary money on annual maintenance so make sure the material is durable. Aluminum and glass are modern and sophisticated. Aluminum frames come in different unique colors whereas glass can be found in clear (for the daring), obscure and tinted. Aluminum frames are relatively low or free maintenance but do not offer much insulation. 

Looking for a Spring Design

The springs in garage doors are frequently exposed when they are in full tension making it dangerous. When shopping for garage doors, check to see how these springs are exposed and if there are any safety measures put into place. 

About the Price

Garage doors can be affordable - you can get excellent quality for a very reasonable price. Typically, premium wooden doors are pricier when compared to fiberglass doors, steel, uninsulated, single sheet steel doors as well as lower grade wooden garage doors. 

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