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How to Improve the Insulation Efficiency in your Garage

09/12/2013 Back To Blog

In spite the changes of the California legislation concerning the protection of the environment and the efforts of people to become as “green” as possible, big amounts of energy are still wasted both at homes and businesses. Garage doors have a responsibility as well, especially if they are poorly insulated and maintained. Most garages are attached to houses and the temperature of the garage does not only affect the temperature of the entire house, but also is responsible for the high electricity bills.

How old is your garage door?

Some time ago people believed that natural resources are limitless and there was not a single manufacturer that gave great attention to the insulation properties of garage doors. If your door is old, you should know that current aluminum overhead doors are better processed, much better insulated and able to resist extreme temperatures. The metallic door are still the cheapest choice, but no matter how much you will spend on a new insulated garage door the money will return to you via your reduced bills.

How well does your door close?

The worn bottom seal is a common problem and can affect greatly the indoor temperatures. Apart from checking regularly its condition making sure it is replaced and repaired when needed, you should also inspect the whole surface of the door for small holes, which may result from corrosion or small gaps because they allow energy loss. If you can't afford to replace the old door, there are many insulation products in the market and if you don't know what to pick, you should ask the opinion of the experts at Garage Door Repair Ontario.

The entire garage must be well sealed and you should also check the walls for signs of mold or moisture and small holes that could affect the efficiency of the HVAC system and the temperature in the whole house. Though, the best way to ensure good indoor temperatures and energy saving is through garage door maintenance, which will guarantee the good performance of the mechanism and its good insulation efficiency.

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